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Using Fragrances to change the atmosphere of your home and relationships

Scented oils and perfumes have found a central role in our daily lives - from showering and getting dressed to scenting a home or feeling sexy. Fragrances can be found and are used everywhere for specific reasons. In our lives, the sue of fragrances can create a warm, inviting home for our family and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Just as certain scents can invoke pleasant memories and feelings inside us, they can also do the same for our family in our homes. Using a candle in home is not just for scenting the air, but for putting a smile on a child's face when they come home from school, setting a warm feeling for relatives when they arrive from out of town, or making your spouse feel instantly de-stressed by walking through the door and smelling something soothing.

The particular scent of choice can range from simple vanilla to the spices of a warm apple pie. The important part is that the scent creates for your family and whoever enters your home a haven from the outside world. By using fragrances in your home you are also setting the stage for not only connecting to past memories but creating new ones for you and your children. If children grown up in a home fragrance with cinnamon then that scent will probably become a "comfort trigger.

" Then, when they are older the smell of cinnamon will remind them of home and family, and hopefully make them feel more comfortable. Fragrances in the home not only make a happier home environment for the whole family, but can actually strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. The key is to find a scent or a variety of scents that makes you, as an individual, feel happy and attractive, but in return, makes your spouse feel the same when around you. For instance, if you are constantly wearing a particular perfume that your spouse has doesn't care for, then he or she is not going to want to be close to you and be as attracted to you. However, when you pick out a fragrance with both of your preferences in mind, you create a friendlier, more romantic connection that has staggering effects on the intimacy of your daily relationship.

Your spouse may begin to feel more attracted to you boosting your self-worth and he or she may also begin to open up more about their feelings and frustrations. As you choose the right scent for your home, family, and for yourself, you and your family become more positive about life, connect to and create fulfilling memories with each other, and become increasingly closer to your spouse.

Kari is an investor, entrepreneur, and writer. Her most recent venture is the popular Sweetly You Bath and Body company. Send a unique and personalized Bath & Body Gift Today!

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