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How to Prevent or Remove Common Stains

No matter where you live or what you wear, there's a good chance you may at some point experience a spill that could leave a stain on your carpet, your furniture, or your clothing. It might happen at the office, as well, which can create a negative impression for clients or coworkers. For this reason, it is a good idea for all of us to have some idea of how to prevent or clean common stains. Keep in mind that those with small children, pets, or elderly and disabled houseguests may be more prone to dealing with spills and possible stain-making products. First, set up a routine that everyone can follow to reduce the likelihood of spills.

Insist that family members eat at the table. Tell them to pour beverages over the sink or at the kitchen counter rather than in mid-air at the refrigerator. Have them open canned goods by holding them over the table or counter workspace.

Then, if the container is jarred and some of the product falls out, it won't end up on your clothes or the floor and create a stain that might be difficult to clean. Inform everyone in your household what they should do in case a basic stain starts to form. For example, for pet accidents, keep a handy cleaner available for use in a spray bottle, but first make sure the accident is absorbed with paper towels or an old rag. Read all instructions carefully and remind family members to do the same. Never mix chemicals in hopes of making a stronger solution, as this can cause potentially dangerous fumes. If someone is injured and drips blood on the carpet, explain how to use a cold-water spray or absorption technique to remove the stain while it is still fresh.

Find or make a list of stain cleaning tips and hang it in the utility closet or the back of a cupboard door for easy access. Keep stain-cleaning supplies readily available, and tell everyone where to find them. If necessary, mark product containers with a marker or a hand-made label so that everyone knows which products should be used for certain stains.

Always keep cleaning supplies out of the reach of toddlers and pets, however. Wash stained cleaning rags immediately, or at least put them to soak to remove the stain before it sets. Treat clothing stains with commercial stain removers before washing them in the laundry. You may need to pre-treat them a couple of times to remove all evidence of discoloration. After laundering the clothing, whatever stain remains will be harder to get rid of, especially after it goes through the dryer.

There are many ways to eliminate stains on skin, fabric, wood, and other household substances, so find the safest products and keep them on hand for those little emergencies that can leave a permanent impact in your home.

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