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Tricks to Finding an Apartment Rental

Finding the right apartment rental can be as competitive as finding the perfect job. And it is the opposite of the car shopping experience where salespeople mimic stalkers by following you around the car lot and frequently calling you at home. Apartment rental property managers will not do that.

They are more like a hiring manager of a big firm. If you want the job, or in this case the apartment rental bad enough, you have to be willing to go the extra mile to prove you are the right fit. As the economy takes a downward spiral, more and more people are apartment hunting rather than home buying. People fear that if they buy a home it will be worth much less when they want to sell it.

Instead, they are renting apartment rentals and beating out people who are looking for their first home away from home. So if you are a first-timer at apartment rental hunting, listen up so you can beat out your competition. Are you moving across the country? If so, you better change you phone number now. Property managers get many local inquires.

So why would they consider someone from out of state when they have plenty of good applicants for their apartment rental locally? It is sort of like someone applying for an entry level job out of state. Why would a hiring manager consider you when he has plenty of applicants just as qualified within his reach? If you have to leave messages or a contact number, the rental property manager will think you are local if you get a local number. And getting a local number is easy these days with wireless phones. Just call your wireless phone provider and tell them you want to switch you number to your desired area. When you are out on the apartment rental hunt, keep your check book with you. This way if you run into an apartment rental that looks good to you and you are sure you want it, you can quickly jump on it.

Otherwise, by the time you go home to pick up your check book, someone else could have jumped on it before you. Be prepared to fill out a rental contract. This means know everything about you. If you cannot remember every detail, bring it with you. It is like a job application.

You will have to fill out addresses and phone numbers of former employers, references and more. Again, if you find a rental property that you like, you will want to jump on it because you are not alone. If you have to bring the application home to fill it out, the apartment rental could already be taken. Bring your credit report with you. Not only will this impress the rental property manager, you also will be ahead in the game.

As other applicants may have to wait and dish out money for each rental application they fill out, you will be done and just have to pay one time. Again, searching for an apartment rental is not much different from searching for a job. So, you want to dress to impress.

The landlord has to choose from several qualified applicants. If you show up in ripped jeans and a dirty tank-top, guess who will remain homeless. Remember, you are in a competition. Though performance enhancing drugs will not give you an edge, your appearance will. If you have an appointment with the rental property manager, show up on time. Do not be discouraged if you do not get the first apartment rental that you fell in love with.

As they say about dating, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

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