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Three Things to Consider Before Investing on an Air Purifier

You read about the threat posed by breathing in air that is in your rooms. You decide to buy an air purifier. But before you went ahead and bought it, a friend of yours asks you to do some research about the product.

Like every one else you too rely on the internet for your background reading. And now you are just bombarded with never ending pop-ups and spam mails are flooding your inbox. And in all that you are now even more confused as to what should be the deciding factors for your air purifier.

The good thing is that you didn't give up on your search and finally you have managed to land yourself up in front of an article that will at least give you a basic idea as to what should be the factors you need to consider before you choose an air purifier. The Maintenance When you are buying an air purifier remember that although you are investing for the purifier only once but you will have to allocate a separate budget for the maintenance of the purifier. The main expense would be towards replacing the filters. The filters need to be changed at regular intervals and you shouldn't be delaying the replacement. So before you buy the purifier, learn how often you would need to change the filter for each model. There are some air purifiers that are now being introduced in the market which come with permanent filters.

However, their cleansing capabilities are still very much in doubt. There is also the cost of electricity. Make it a point to check the wattage of the air purifier.

This will be an indicator as too how energy efficient your purifier is. The third factor you must consider when it comes to air purifiers is the warranty. The longer the warranty period is the better it is.

Generally most purifiers would come with five years of warranty while some even have ten years. Also look for if there are any hidden clauses in the warranty provided. The Noise Some air purifiers come fitted with a fan to draw in the air.

This is specially true for purifiers with HEPA filters. Now such purifiers can produce serious noise. Before you take one home, get a demo of the model. Buy the model only if you think the noise levels are comfortable. Don't even settle for bearable levels. The Rooms The choice of the purifier will also depend on the room you are buying it for.

If you have pets you need to tackle pet dander. If you are using it for the kitchen then it should be able to deal with smoke and odor. If it is for the bedroom, then getting one effective against only the particulates would be good enough.

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