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Stylish Cabin Furniture That Gives You More Space

If you are one of the lucky ones who own a cabin where you can escape to the mountains, beach, or desert, you might be faced with the problem of too little space. Where does everyone sleep at night? Where does everyone sit during the day? Too many kid friends, adult friends, relatives? Do you end up using couches for sleeping, or beds for couches. Doing either is a poor compromise. A modern and stylish futon might just be you answer. Futon couches are a great space saver as cabin furniture! Consider the advantages they offer a cabin. Futons are wonderful for both sitting and sleeping.

Modern futons are comfortable and attractive sofas during the day that easily open out into comfortable beds at night. A rustic lodge look is a popular style for mountain cabins. This style is characterized by its natural and weathered appearance. A aged and classic look is created by glazed and distressed finishes.

Modern styles are very popular and are lighter in appearance, and weigh less than a typical couch. These will be an attractive addition to a small cabin room. You can purchase futons is any size needed whether it be twin, full, or queen, and they will fit into a smaller space than either a couch or double bed. You don't need to be concerned about mattress comfort.

Futon mattresses are available with full innersprings and others with luxurious memory foam. Memory foam mattress toppers are available for even greater comfort. Any sleeper bed will be made much more comfortable with one of these. Futons can easily be converted from sofa to bed and back again.

Even your kids can do this. This process is easier for some futons than others. Tip: one of the easiest to convert is the futon with the Clic-Clac mechanism. Futon frames offer more than just a duel purpose piece of furniture; they will actually enhance the cabin's décor. Oak and pine log futon wood frames will add a wonderful rustic look to your mountain cabin. Futon covers come in many design motifs.

You will find exquisitely woven covers with mountain and seashore designs available in a variety of color schemes. There are futons with southwest, ocean, forest, and modern designs. Others are of tropical scenes, woodlands, and horse prints. These are so beautiful that they resemble works of art. If you find the perfect pattern for decorating you cabin, you can buy additional yardage.

There are covers for futon mattresses that come in modern microfiber faux suedes. For some cabin owners, one of the many animal prints that resemble the rewards of big game hunts might be just right. Go a step further with you cabin decorating by purchasing pillows that match or coordinate with your futon cover design. Futons, along with a mattress and cover, can be costly. But online futon sites will have not only several levels of quality, but also lower prices. Because they have lower over head and hence lower costs, they can pass on the savings to you, the customer, in the form highly discounted prices, often with free shipping.

Whatever your budget, there is a futon for you from unfinished pine wood, to solid oak and tropical woods in many different finishes. The biggest selection of finishes, styles, and qualities is available at on-line stores. . You can easily transport a futon and carry it through a cabin door because its easily assembled parts come in a box, and costs less than a traditional sofa. Couches can be impossible getting through a small cabin door -- not so with an unassembled futon frame in a box for convenient transport! Futon assembly is a simple process that takes only an hour or two with a wrench and a screwdriver. You can find futons that have drawers underneath and secret compartments in which to store bedding when not in use.

At the end of your visit and its time to close up the cabin, you can conveniently put your bedding away to keep it clean. The advantage of buying a futon is that you have a true couch for daytime sitting, and real bed for sleeping at night. Futon sofa beds make great cabin furniture.

Michael Urmann is an author covering the home furniture market and contributes to which offers futon products that will give your cabin new space.

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