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Selling Your Home Tips to Improve the Appearance

Selling your home is one of those times when you need to have your home looking its best. A lot of people find their finances are tight at this time, so I am going to let you in on a few secrets that aims to put more dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. If you are definite about selling your property it is sensible to do any repairs before you contact your Realtor. The reason for this is that he/she too will be swayed by a 'first impression'.

I hark back to color. We all have our favourites, but when you are selling a home it is not your choice of color that is important. The impressions created by color can have quite a lasting effect on a buyer. Let's start with the outside of the house first. The reason for this is because that is the very first impression of the property and is one that will stick, no matter what.

In fact, this is even more critical if you have buyers that 'want to do a drive by'. It is advantageous if you can have a colorful garden with flowers, but of course, this is not always possible, either because of the season or the style of landscaping. What is essential though, is a well maintained garden. All bushes and trees need any dead leaves or branches removed and all garden edges need trimming. Trim bushes and trees away from the windows and other obstructing areas. Talking about color, if you do not have any colourful flowers or plants in the front yard you could always paint or buy some pots and place a few potted plants around to add interest.

If you did do this, it would be your choice whether they went with the sale or if you took them with you, just as long as it is clarified to the Realtor. Most houses accumulate dust and dirt on the outside so it would be a good idea if you either hose or even gurney the outside of the house. Check the spouting for rust or any other disrepair and fix it too. If you have any fences or railings, make sure they are in good condition and if they need a coat of paint, get that done before listing.

Another very strategic place that needs assessing is the front step, front door and the total entrance way. The area too, creates a very strong impression in relation to the inside of the house. If this area is not looking well kept buyers will immediately think that the whole house has not been cared for. When you get to working on the inside of the house, walk through slowly and make a list of all the little jobs that need attending to. Look at the whole inside of the house with a critical eye, just as if you were a buyer.

Check the kitchen very carefully as a kitchen gets a very thorough inspection. With the inside of the house you will need to repair any 'little things' that are faulty or not working properly, like loose door knobs, chipped paint or that dripping shower. If the internal walls are marked you may need to do a quick coat of paint to freshen up.

This can make a world of difference to a buyer. Even if they want to change it eventually, if the paint is not dirty and marked they know they can live with it until they can get around to changing it. If you are freshening up the paint keep to the same color or if you are using a tinted color go even a shade lighter. The lighter the better.

To freshen up you should be able to get away with one coat, after all you do want to keep expenses under control. Attend to any grouting that you have in tiled areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Clean the grouting thoroughly and bleach it if it is suitable to do so. These only seem to be small things, but they do make a difference. Give your house the final check.

Stand on the roadside and make every effort to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Leave out all the emotional feelings and see if the house appeals to you, or if you have missed anything that needs touching up. I heard someone say one day, "why do we do all these touch up jobs when we are going to sell the house - why don't we do them sooner and enjoy the benefit of the work".

So true, but let's face it we are human, aren't we? Once you have done all these jobs, keep the house clean and tidy. Good Luck! Copyright (c) 2008 Kaye Dennan.

Kaye Dennan has been involved with the real estate industry and has collected tips to help those selling. For more information go to

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