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Relief for Caregivers Medical Alert Systems Provide Peace of Mind While Taking Time Out for You

If you are one of 54 million Americans caring for a family member, you know firsthand that care giving can be a difficult job that weighs heavily on your physical and emotional well being. It has been statistically proven that full-time caregivers have a 63% chance of dying early due to stress-related conditions and often suffer from depression. Therefore, taking time out to care for yourself should be done with the same amount of importance and devotion that is given to your loved one.

But sometimes, making personal needs a priority is difficult since the heavy demands of tending to a loved one's needs may leave little time for self-care and can even make running quick errands a challenge. One solution that has worked for many caregivers are the use of medical alert systems, which provide peace of mind while taking time to attend to needs away from the home. Medical alert systems supply 24/7 emergency assistance simply by pressing the button on a medical alert device, which is usually in the form of a wristband or necklace. From there, trained operators are able to communicate directly with the person in need, access important medical information, contact you or a neighbor for assistance, and in the event of an emergency, dispatch the local EMS. There are several medical alert systems on the market today.

Most are similar in concept, but can vary greatly in services offered, fees charged and reliability. You should look for a Medical Alert System provider that does not require a long-term contract or charge additional fees for installation and equipment. Some questions to consider when researching different companies include: How reliable is their equipment? Do they offer 24 hr assistance? How fast is their response time? Are extra fees charged for multiple users in the same household? Is there a guarantee on parts, labor, and services? It is also helpful to get feedback from other customers about a particular medical alert system provider. Instead of simply reading testimonials on a company's website, do your own research. Find out if any complaints have been filed against the company. Some companies even give you access to their customers so you can speak with them directly about their experiences.

To receive the greatest benefit from a medical alert system, it's important to research companies well before deciding on the best system for you and your family. Doing so will help you rest assured that a loved one's needs are taken care of in your absence and provide the peace of mind needed to fully relax and rejuvenate your spirit while taking a much needed break from the demands of care giving.

Authors Greg Smith and Paul Fleming represent MedScope America Corporation, the nation's leading and most trusted name in emergency medical monitoring. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-645-2060.

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