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Pool Fences Make Your Swimming Pool Safe

We want our children and pets to live as long as possible and to be safe from accidental drowning. Provide protection by having a swimming pool fence installed. The pool fence will provide a barrier through which your children and pets cannot gain access to your swimming pool. Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children 1 - 14 years old.

A pool fence prevents children and pets from getting to your pool. This is the reason a safety pool fence is required by law in many parts of the United States. But even if it isn't required in your area, it is still a necessity to surround your pool with one.

A pool fence will protect your liability and help you to sleep better at night knowing that your family is protected. Pets are another reason to have a pool fence barrier installed. Your pet may know how to swim, but may have a difficult time finding his/her way out of the pool. And many pool owners prefer keeping pets out of the pool to keep it clean.

When choosing a pool fence, there are important factors to keep in mind. There are different types of swimming pool fences available. These include metal, mesh, wood and plastic. Metal is reliable, but it can block the view of your pool. Wood fences are attractive, but they may need to be painted or repaired every few years.

Plastic fences are more likely to split and break than wood or metal. Removable mesh fences are becoming increasingly popular. And although they are lightweight, removable mesh pool safety fences are sturdy and strong to provide the secure barrier you need.

They are also more transparent than other fences. This provides clearer views of your pool and landscaping. Height of your pool fence is another important consideration.

Your fence should be at least 4 feet tall to prevent children from climbing over and pets from jumping over. Pool gates are also important. Be sure to choose a self-closing, self-latching gate that is key lockable so that children cannot open the gate to get to the pool. Also, make sure that the release mechanism is located on the pool side of the gate. Make sure that your pool fence barrier is safe and reliable.

Have a professional pool fence installer set up your fence, and always insist that he is licensed and insured. Professional installers have the knowledge and experience to ensure you end up with a strong and safe barrier that will prevent your child or pet from accidental drowning. Why take chances? Protect your children and pets with a swimming pool safety fence. You will sleep much better at night knowing that your family is safe and secure.

Robert Caruso is an author, general contractor and swimming pool fence installer in the San Diego and North County, CA area. You can visit his website at: .

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