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Moving From Boston To Pittsfield

Stress free, with a full service moving company in boston. boston has recently been considered as having one of the highest costs of living in the United States, so its not a surprise that you might want to move away from Boston. Pittsfield is a great choice for your new home, because in 2006 it was ranked as the 20th Most Secure Places to Live by Farmers Insurance.

By making the decision to move to Pittsfield from Boston, you have decided to save money as well as stress. Now theres one more decision to make, and if you choose wisely you can have the same results!

Of all the moving companies in Boston, your two main choices for a moving company are a full service moving company or the do it yourself option where you rent a moving truck. If you are one of the many who assume that youll save money by doing it yourself, guess again!

When you sit down and do the math, a moving truck rental company can be very expensive.

The basic rate of a rental truck is charged per day, and added to that rate is mileage and fuel. Different moving truck rental companies charge different rates for mileage, but for a move from Boston to Pittsfield this can be a pricy addition to your initial estimate.

Then, when you factor in fuel for a rented truck (most often with awful gas mileage) and the fact that a fee is charged if you return your truck with less gas than when you initially picked it up this can be the most expensive part of your move!

All that money, and for what? A truck that you can use for your move from Boston to Pittsfield. Now a full service moving company in Boston will include fuel in your moving rate estimate, so that is one less additional charge that you will be paying out of your own pocket.

At first glance, a rate estimate from a truck rental company will appear lower, but this is because there are specific details left out until the last minute.
With a full service moving company in Boston, there are no tricks.

There are, however, options that you can add to your individual moving package.

You can definitely save money when you dont opt for the do it yourself option. Even better, a full service moving company in Boston will also save you time and energy!

Instead of simply getting a truck you can use, a full service moving company in Boston offers choices that will cover every single step of your move. Not just the loading and unloading of your truck so you dont have to do any heavy lifting.

Not just the transport of your possessions from Boston to Pittsfield, and insurance coverage over your belonging.

The most stressful part of moving can be handled professionally by an experienced team packing! A job that often takes you 2 weeks to complete can be done quickly and efficiently and you dont have to lift a finger! You cant get a more stress free move than that!


About the Author (text)Nir Dotan is a writer and promoter of cutting edge companies such as around the world.

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