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Jazz Up Your Bedroom With A Bed Skirt

A bed skirt can add a decorative touch to your bedroom and give your bedding that complete look. While bed skirts can go with many decorating themes, you do need to consider how your bedroom is decorated and think about whether a bed skirt will fit in or not. Bed skirts are only good if they enhance your décor and not detract from it. Some bedroom decorating themes that might benefit from the addition of a bed skirt include a Victorian theme, romantic bedroom theme, Shabby Chic bedroom theme, French or Paris apartment bedroom theme or any feminine theme. On the other hand if you have a zen bedroom, a minimalist bedroom or a modern or contemporary bedroom then a bed skirt probably will not look good. Bed skirts which are mainly designed to hide the box spring of the bed are placed under the mattress and then hang down to the floor.

They also do a great job of hiding "stuff" you might have stored under the bed. Bed skirts also add a stylish look to the bed. You can choose the color and style of bed skirt to match your bedding or your room's decor. There are many online stores available for providing large variety of bed skirts.

Some of them provide guidance as per your room's interior decoration. They help in the selection of ruffled style to match your room. Bed skirts are available for any size bed including king size, queen size, full size, and single size and crib size. Alls you need to know is the length and width of your mattress and you can order a bed skirt to fit. You might also want to know the drop measurement which is the distance from the top of box spring to the floor.

This will determind the length of the skirt. Generally bed skirts have a drop of about 15". If your drop is not standard then you can order a custom bed skirt for your beds height. Some beds are very high and stores do sell the deeper drops for these particular beds.

You can buy a bed skirt in almost any color and pattern to match your bedroom. You can even buy them to match your bedding and comforter. If you cannot get a bed skirt that matches your bedding then you may be able to order one custom made from sheets that match your bed linens. . Bed skirts are made from cotton, silk, wool and polyester.

If you like better quality fabric then cotton chintz, chenille, or even velvet can be used. If you select a dark colored skirt than it will contrast with the rooms color. If you want the skirt to be less noticeable then select a lighter color, but be careful as a light color may allow the ticking of your box spring to show through. Once you put your bed skirt under your mattress, don't forget about it entirely.

It should be cleaned twice a year or whenever you rotate your mattress. Wash bed skirts in cool or lukewarm water less than 104 degrees F. on the gentle cycle. Do not bleach your bed skirt as bleaching breaks down fibers. Remove your skirt from the dryer immediately and do not overdry your bed skirt.

Iron your new bed skirt to get out the wrinkles and try it on your bed for size. Always follow the manufactures instructions for care of your bed skirt.

Lee Dobbins writes about bedroom decorating Read more of her articles at

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