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Is life over when you turn

Is life over when you turn 60? I don't think so. There might have been a time in history when that seemed the case but in today's world with things like the Internet opening up the world to new opportunities, it is just a matter of "getting with it" and the 60's can be that new lease on life. Not only can it be a great time to get involved in helpful causes, it can be a time to try some things that one has also talked or thought about but not ever done.

At age 51, Jeff, who had been a musician in his early years only to finally take a "regular" job in his late twenties spending the next 30 years in the print and marketing industries, decided to see if he could "make it" by getting his music aired on radio. Within three years he was on the air in 42 countries world wide and had music in movies such as Random Hearts starring Harrison Ford. Arlene, at age 69 became the co-founder of MyHATT an International Dinner club concept that helps educate people about other countries and cultures around the world while sharing a traditional menu each month that is featured from that particular part of the world. Arlene had a catering business earlier in her life in Seattle and even to this day one of her passions is cooking dinners for friends.

The MyHATT concept opened up a world of possibilities to not only enjoy her passion but contribute to better understanding between countries and people. (Another one of her passions.) Dave and Ruth worked hard all life for somebody else but as they reached their late fifties they decided that it was time to do something for themselves. They moved to a smaller community, and became distributors for a network marketing firm focused on healthy living. Ruth being a nurse for some 35 years and Dave having been in various sales positions and a student of healthy living, they found their match.

Knowing that this sort of business would take time to build they decided to travel to surrounding fairs and festivals to get to know the people and just talk about healthy living. Not only are they starting to build a nice business but they are finding a new spring in their step, lots of new friends in lots of small communities, and having the time of their life discovering Ruth and Dave all over again. Erv and Judy had lived in South America for years as missionaries and soon moved to Seattle where Erv started and successfully ran a printing company. Over the years, Erv had developed a passion for wine.

His collection in his basement was quite extensive and he attended every wine seminar he could. Upon retirement, he already had things mapped out for a unique web site talking about wine from the laymen's perspective. Every seminar he attended, they talked in such high-brow language about wine that he felt it was time that the subject of wine could be understood by the average person - thus evolved the "Old Winer". Sandy had searched for years for that special something to make her life complete. As a wife, she enjoyed a wonderful family and successful husband but she felt there was more.

She had been raised in the church and that continued with her own family and when the opportunity presented itself to get involved with missions at her home church she decided at age 50 it was time. After traveling to Guatemala on a short mission in 2005, she found that missing link in her life. Since then she has been to Morocco, South Africa, back to Guatemala and is now running the short missions program at the church and training others to help in foreign countries. Life at 60 can just be a beginning, a new phase, a wonderful new opportunity. The old saying "you're only as old as you feel" is as true as it has ever been and with most people living longer, healthier lives, thinking about that "new beginning" is healthy in itself.

Jeff Gustafson and MyHATT, An international dinner club concept where people get to know people one bite at a time...thank you to The Daily Buzz and my entire MyHATT contributing staff for the educational content for world culture, the history, world traditions, the international menus for this dinner party/social activity...

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