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Increasing the Value of your Home in a down Housing Market

In today's real estate market you need to find a new way to increase the value of your house. Gone are the days when you could buy a house and six months later it is has increased in value by $30,000 dollars. In today's market you need to find an inexpensive method to boost the value of your house. Traditionally the two areas of your house where you see the biggest return on your investment are the kitchen and bathroom. What you have to capitalize on is maximizing the value of these areas while not spending a large amount of money.

It is more difficult today because if you go to places like the home depot or other super centers you will be getting ripped off. People are lead to believe that these places will save you money, but unfortunately you will be paying a high retail mark-up. The answer is to go online and find a direct importer of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

You can easily save thousands of dollars by bypassing the high retail markup, and by handling the installation on your own. Online stores offer you RTA cabinets; this means the cabinets come ready to assemble. The cabinets need to be put together but it only takes a flat head screw driver and the one page of directions that come with the cabinet. Since the box of these cabinets is made of plywood instead of particleboard, you end up with a much stronger cabinet. The bathroom vanities are out of the same mold; easy to assemble, great design, and quality construction to add value to any bathroom. With a change of vanities in a bathroom, the style and look will instantly improve.

So the answer to upgrading value in a house is to focus on the specifics. People will first look at a kitchen. If it has new kitchen cabinets, then a higher house value will be accepted. At the same time, having an upgraded bathroom will show better in a house.

Either one of these improvements will greatly improve the appeal of your home and potentially increase the value. Buying kitchen cabinets is a big investment. Being smart and looking online for cabinets will save you money and time. Retail is becoming outdated; buying direct from a kitchen cabinet importer is the best way to save money in this slow real estate market.

I was able to save thousands on my kitchen cabinets. Find out my secrets.... you to can save thousands on kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities by following these easy steps

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