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Home Improvement Putting your Stimulus Check to Work for You

In these difficult times any advantage you can get to stretch your dollar will ultimately help you save money. Finding better options to save money while improving the value of your house is difficult, however it can also be fun and rewarding. After much research online and also in a few retail stores, I found that the better value for kitchen cabinets was through an online cabinet store.

Researching online led me to find out the meaning of RTA. This is ready to assemble and it is fast becoming the most economical method to building a new kitchen. Yes you have to assemble the kitchen cabinets, but when your saving thirty five (35%) percent or even up to forty five (45%) percent, then you realize that the choice is simple. After I found out more about these RTA kitchen cabinets I realized that they actually varied quite differently. IKEA sells the RTA cabinets, however, they are difficult to assemble, have many working parts, and are actually not a good value.

They are not a good value because of a few reasons. First, these IKEA cabinets are made of particle board, not real wood. They will tell you it does not matter, but it does. Answer this, would you rather have paneled wood sides, that resist water or particle board that naturally absorbs water? Next, is the difficulty with assembling these cabinets? I was appalled at the amount of directions, parts, and frustration that came along with these cabinets. I went to the big box hardware stores next and found much of the same. These stores lead you to believe they are saving you money, but they are not.

If you want to buy plywood or drywall, yes, go to Home Depot or Lowes, but if you want kitchen cabinets, do not buy them from these stores. Next I looked online and found a wide array of RTA kitchen cabinets. The prices varied greatly and I suggest that you look at a few sites. Make sure the product is solid wood and paneled sides.

The best deals are going to come from the direct importers that actually have a physical warehouse and can store inventory. You will see RTA sites with inferior products; just make sure it's the real thing. If they are shipping from a 3rd party facility, you will have a hard time resolving any issues if they arise. Look at the shipping, if they offer free shipping, they then make up for it with higher prices. Overall go to a solid site that has little frills, but carries solid content. From this you can determine what kind of product they offer.

With the right RTA site you will save money and improve your house. You will be increasing the value of your house and saving money because you were smart enough to avoid retail and shop with a sense of adventure. So take your stimulus check, shop online and remember to look around and see what is out there. You will encounter a large amount of choices but remember to look for RTA kitchen cabinets and from that you will do fine. Also keep in mind that there are also RTA bathroom vanities. So good luck and spend wisely.

I have been remodeling house for 15 years, and I have the secret to getting high qualitykitchen cabinets at an affordable price. Interested in finding out my secret? Follow these links to find out the secret to getting kitchen cabinets at 30-40% below retail prices

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