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Finishing Up

Ok. Your modular home has been set in place. It has been bolted and secured, and basic buttoning up and tie in procedures have been completed.

Now it is time for finishing up the job. What exactly entails the finishing aspects of your home's construction? Basically it details some additional interior and exterior work that was unable to be completed in the factory environment. The same subcontractors that would be utilized in a site built home will also be responsible for this type of detailed work. Your builder will have arranged this be done according to the schedule of delivery outlined by the manufacturer. Let's first cover interior finishing work.

Although the interior of the modules on their arrival are quite complete, there does remain some patch work and finishing detailing that has to be completed. For instance, drywall patching and finishing may be required from areas of cracking that occurred during shipping or in areas adjacent to marriage walls of the modules. In additional to these patches, painting the interior walls may need to be completed or touch up painting be added to cover minor blemishes.

This varies depending on the complexity of the interior design. Other interior issues include some finishing work on interior trim and door adjustments. Particularly around areas where modules connect, doors will need to be hung and trim completed. In areas around stairwells, trim also will need to be completed in addition to areas where modular limitations prevented completion in the factory. Lastly, floor installments may need completion, or at a minimum seam finishings where floors connect are likely required.

These classically include vinyl, hardwood, and ceramic areas, but also may include carpeting seams or carpeting installments. Exterior finishing projects includes masonry work, exterior painting and staining, rain drainage structures, as well as hard and soft landscaping. Masonry such as chimneys, barbeque pits, stone walkways, etc.

must be completed after the modular home is set. Also, siding preferences will mandate whether finishing work on the siding is needed. If you chose a siding that is already painted or stained, the finishing work in this regard may be minimal. But if brick or stucco siding is your choice, or shingles that require staining are selected, the degree of finish work after the modules arrive may be more significant. Overall, painting, staining or application of the exterior siding is not tremendous, and this can be completed within days most of the time after arrival.

Other areas of exterior finishing include landscaping of walkways, patios, decking and lighting. While much of this may have been completed during the site preparation phase, finishing touches will be needed after the crane and set crew have left. Otherwise, damage to the existing areas might have occurred. Sometimes irrigation system completion also may be a part of this finishing work.

Typically, the finishing work on the inside and outside of your modular home is quite minimal. The majority of the construction is already finished but putting the final touches in place is mandatory to complete the project. Finishing projects generally comprise 20 percent or less of your modular home's construction and placement. Once done, indeed your home is complete.

Michael Zenga is a Modular Home Builder in the Boston, MA area. He founded ZN Custom Building, in 2002, which specializes in modular home construction.

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