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Drill Bit Types Select One According to Your Needs

The drill bit market has several types of drill bits available to choose from ranging from low cost to very expensive. The cost again depends upon the type of material being used to the type of coating being used and most importantly the use of the drill bit like what type of drilling material being used and what kind of hole we need.
The low cost most inexpensive drill is the regular steel bit which is mostly used in drilling holes in wood. The other types of drill bit are the high speed steel and the titanium coated drill bits.

Next in the line which is more expensive but tougher are the carbide tipped and the cobalt bits. Both of these are very expensive but extremely hard anddurable.

The types of drill bits have been designed for various uses. Let us talk about the twist drill which is used for drill holes into wood, plastic or light metal. Brad Point bit and spade bit are also used for wood but they vary based on the diameter of the hole being drilled.

Another kind of bit which is very common is the installer bit which is used for installing phone wires, TV wires and other cable wires. This is specifically designed so that the wire can be pulled through the hole in the bit.

For drilling holes in copper, brass and aluminum the step bit is used.For drilling holes in glass or tiles the glass bit is used. Masons use a masonry drill which is fixed in front of a rotary hammer or a regular hammer drills.

A power drill is what you will need for your small work around the house. These power drills can help bore the drill a hole into almost any material within the home say wood or glass or even special stained glass. What you need is the perfect drill bit set for your needs.

A drill bit set containing steel, spiral bits is not very expensive and is almost enough for drilling needs at home. However, they cannot drill into concrete or metal as they require special drill bits. These drill bit sets have drill bits ranging from size eight millimeters to thirty two millimeters. Now if you need to have some concrete or masonry work done then you need the tungsten carbide drill sets as they have the required strength to drill holes through concrete.

Mind you, they may be expensive than the regular steel bits.

In the light of the above information you would be able to have the desired drill bit and this will you select the bit most suited for your needs. As a matter of precaution always try to ask the manufactures or read the material which comes with the drill for the drill bits best suited for the drill you have bought.


About the Author (text)The author comes from an engineering background and writes about diamond drill bit for glass and their use in the industry. He has a website which is

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