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Choosing The Right Dog Breeder

Deciding to own a dog, whether it is a big dog or a small dog involves a lot of responsibility. There is more to having your dog greet you at the door and giving you unconditional love and the dog owner giving that unconditional love in return. It's about caring for your dog, making sure he has a proper diet, grooming, cleaning up after them, taking them to the vetrinarian for their health check-ups and shots. Before finding the right breeder you must decide on the right dog breed for you. A breed that will fit into your lifestyle.

If you have young children you want a breed that is good with children. Your living enviornment (whether you live in a house or an apartment), does the dog need to run alot or are they good apartment dogs. To research any type of breed I recommend going to the American Kennel Club website ( they have all the information you need for every breed type. Finding the right breeder for the dog depends on the breed you choose.

A professional breeder will only breed healthy dogs to insure that they will produce a healthy offspring. Most reputable breeders may choose to evaluate your home. Making sure their puppies will have a safe, healthy and loving enviornment. Before purchasing the puppy the breeder will sometimes have you sign a contract, be sure to read the contract thouroughly before signing. This way if there are any health problems you will not be held responsible for their care. The breeder should have their pair of dogs tested for all possible diseases as well as knowing each dog's parents history.

This should be kept on file for you (the buyer) to review. Do not be shy to ask to see the health records of the parenting dogs and their parents history. This could be a very important factor as most breeds have some sort of health problems whether they are puppies or adult dogs. Again, research your breed before purchasing.

After giving birth, try to visit the breeder frequently so you can see how well the puppies are taken care of. The puppies should be taken to the vetrinarian for a health check and to administer their first shot by the breeder before you take him home. You also want to see how well the mother reacts with her pups and how the pups interact with each other. After visiting a few times you will be able to see the temperment of the puppies. When the puppies reach six to eight weeks of age you will be able to take him home. Have them checked out by your vetrinarian as soon as possible.

Therefore, if there are any health issues you will be able to discuss it with your breeder. I can't stress it enough, research your breed and the breeder. If you take home a puppy that doesn't fit your lifestyle or the puppy is sick it can be very heartbreaking.

Remember a good dog is a healthy and happy dog.

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