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Beautiful Intricate Designs Making a Dramatic Statement

What can be more elegant than the beauty of a custom floor -- one created with natural stones such as fine marble, granite and onyx? Or, for an added touch of luxury, one with exotic gems set into the intricate design of the natural stones? When one room ends and the next begins, and they are harmoniously blended together by the colors and patterns that vibrate from a whole-floor theme flowing from room to room, an atmosphere of elegance, beauty and tranquility reigns. Who but a Master Designer knows how to integrate the beauty of fine marble and granite into a medallion of a thousand pieces -- a medallion reflecting spectacular details in a pattern designed to impart a lasting awe-inspiring beauty? While natural stone such as fine marble is a logical choice for a floor medallion, man-made terrazzo and other materials also lend themselves to these creative expressions. Abrasive waterjet cutting makes intricately designed medallions very cost effective for a private residence or for commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels or other retail environments. With waterjet technology, a combination of water and tiny garnet particles are fired at twice the speed of sound through computer controlled jets. Any material - glass, metal, natural stone - can be cut in an intricate pattern with unparalled precision. The process is environmentally safe as it does not create dust, grindings or chips, or generate pollutants or fumes.

Once the thousands of pieces of marble, granite, onyx or gems making up a medallion are cut, they need to be meticulously hand assembled into the final pattern. A true craftsperson, scrupulous with details, provides the expertise and experience necessary for this time-consuming process. A fine-art floor, whether at home, in your office or in a retail environment, can be created from pre-made, ready-to-install medallions and borders, or from your special customized version of one of these.

A completely original floor or medallion design -- a pure one-of-a-kind -- can also be created. A family crest, a company trademark, or a local sports-team logo is often artistically integrated into the medallion or floor theme. Working with a Master Designer who is excited about probing the boundaries of what makes a dramatic statement of harmony and beauty means having a fine-art floor that even royalty would cherish. Be it an intricate lace-like display or smooth-flowing river of fine marble in an array of shades and shapes melded together, your own personality and desires will shine through, enlivening the values you treasure the most.

Harri Aalto is cofounder and Creative Director of Creative Edge Master Shop, a leader in the architectural design community. He designs all of the company's products, including floors and hallways.

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