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Bathroom Vanities Getting much needed storage space in your Bathroom

When designing or remodeling a bathroom, storage is usually the last thing that people think about but it could affect the functionality of your new bathroom. With a lot of the modern style bathroom vanities and the pedestal bathroom vanities, you end up losing much needed storage space by choosing form over function. Storage space in your bathroom is something that should be factored into the layout and choice of your bathroom vanity, and any other bathroom furniture pieces you might choose.

As a home remodeler, I always try to incorporate a bathroom vanity with storage, a linen cabinet, and a medicine cabinet to ensure their is adequate storage. When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are numerous styles and options that you can choose from. Whether you ar buying a basic bathroom cabinet, or going with a high end, decorative bathroom furniture vanity, you should always consider how much cabinet and drawer space you will need. By choosing a bathroom vanity that has both drawer and cabinet space, it will allow you to hide a lot of the every day items that can clutter your vanity top and other closets.

At the very least you are going to need storage space for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and all of your personal care products. While the pedestal sinks may work well in a half bath, or powder room, for a master bathroom it removes that much needed storage for those every day items. Another great option to consider for your bathroom is a linen cabinet. Linen cabinets are great for storing extra towels and supplies. Most bathroom vanity manufacturers offer matching linen cabinets to create a uniform look for your bathroom.

By combining a bathroom vanity and a matching linen cabinet, you should have plenty of storage space to hide everything. Last but not least, is the medicine cabinet. If you are going with a decorative bathroom furniture vanity, a medicine cabinet may take away from the over all look, but in most cases, a matching medicine cabinet will add additional space while completing the overall look of the bathroom. As with the linen cabinet, most manufacturers also offer a selection of matching medicine cabinets to match the bathroom vanity. Medicine cabinets are great for hiding everyday items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicine, and any other small personal care products.

The nice thing about medicine cabinets is that they can be mounted directly to the wall, or inserted into the wall for a flush look. So when you are building or remodeling a bathroom, it is important to consider your storage needs before committing to a layout and design that won't provide adequate storage space. A combination of a bathroom vanity, linen cabinet, and medicine cabinet will help maximize your storage space.

Looking to upgrade your bathroom with a decorative bathroom vanity, or simply replace your bathroom vanity? Check out the Bathroom Vanity Store.

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