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Bamboo Shades Made With Grassweaves Shine

Due to their popularity, bamboo shades are available in hundreds of styles and natural colors. There are basic matchstick styles including several colors. Then, there are the so called the "sticks" because they are made of larger woven bamboo sticks. More diverse styles include braided bamboo and even shades that include different sizes of stick and combinations of threads which hold the bamboo shade together.

"Bamboo shades" can also be made of grass weaves, oftentimes mixed in different colors and hues, as a single pattern. In this article our focus will be placed on grass weave shades. It stands to reason that the unique natural style of bamboo shades is the primary reason why bamboo shades have gained so much in popularity. On the other hand, grass weave shades have taken the desired natural, rustic look to a new level. When compared to bamboo shades, grass weave shades somehow transform the appearance of a room in a different way that bamboo shades do yet retain the welcome sense of the outdoors.

Perhaps we may call this effect a softer, more casual look. Many consumers prefer bamboo shades over the grass weave shade because of light control or the transparency of the grass weave over the bamboo material for the grass weave will always allow the filtration of light unless lined. The ability of light to filter through the grass material is actually a benefit since it is within our capability to control the filtration by the addition of a liner to the exterior facing side of the shade. The use of these liners allows the end user to determine what amount of light is to filter through by using specific liners which will allow lots of light, little light or no light at all. The latter are knows as blackout liners.

Another concern of many customers is the potential harboring of mold in a natural product. If the grass weave shade is to be installed in air conditioned quarters, mold creation should not be a concern. However, if these natural shades, be that bamboo shades or grass weave shades, are to be installed in non-air-conditioned setting, consideration should be given to this possibility. Additionally, natural material shades will almost always have a "natural" smell when newly installed and normally this smell will disappear over time. How do designers refer to the style of decoration using grass weave shades? After all, we can say that grasses were used to cover openings when humans lived in huts. The islands of the South Pacific were populated by these types of abodes which used grass weaves for their construction, window covers and even boat building.

These bamboo shades (grass weaves) are extremely popular in retreat rooms, spa rooms and bedrooms and in high all over the world. Another reason for their popularity is that bamboo shades and grass weave shades blend in with the majority of the decors thus reducing the expense of decorating any space in the home regardless of its use. Once the decision to purchase grass weave shades over bamboo shades is made, one must the face the difficulty of deciding ever which style and color to select.

The styles available are defined by grasses woven together, how they are so woven and the color combinations. Mostly because of the desired "natural" look, the natural colors are the most popularly chosen thus making the selection process not as difficult as originally feared. An important factor to take into consideration and important to understand by the consumer is that the sample of the material chosen while making a selection will almost always not be an exact match to the material in the finished product because of the natural factor.

Yet, it is this difference, that sets these grass weave and bamboo shades apart from all other window treatments. In summary, bamboo shades as well as grass weave shades can and will create a sense of natural beauty in any room, from the kitchen to the master bedroom and all others rooms in between. These natural materials are long lasting, easy to maintain and diverse in their expression of beauty unlike many other types of window treatments. Additionally, these shades when coupled with modern mechanisms also provide a highly functional product which increases the value and practical use of homes anywhere. Also, let us not forget that the previously mentioned use of liners on the exterior facing side of these shades provide full control of exterior light entering a room and these liners are available in many colors to meet any exterior appearance requirement by homeowner associations or deed restriction.

Judith Persit studied bamboo shades for her interior design degree, and writes about bamboo shades. Learn more about shades at her website.

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