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All About Fireplace screens

A fireplace is a space designed to contain a fire, generally for heating. It is a square, rectangular or arched space typically found in a wall at the bottom of a chimney. There's nothing better then sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter night. The peace a fire can give is hard to describe.

There are various types of fireplaces available now. The most popular are the Wood burning fireplaces. The aroma of burning wood with the popping and cracking gives very relaxing feeling and its romantic too. Wood burning fireplaces are also preferred because it reduces you heating bills . Gas & electric fireplace are some other options available now.

A gas fireplace needs a gas line to run fireplace for heating the house. The other option is electric fireplace which uses electricity to heat up you home and use of a blower will be a big help instant heating and power saving too. In addition to these, there are so many types of fireplaces accessories like fireplace screen, fireplace screen door, fireplace tools, fire backs, firewood holders, gas logs. Fireplace accessories such as these adds a great deal of charm to fireplace and homes and provide comfort and warmth to rooms. With the exception of gas logs, there are several factors that are common to fireplace furnishings including quality metals, such as solid brass, that will withstand heat. A fireplace screen door is to protect your beautiful carpets and attractive floors, as well as create a safety barrier for kids and pets in the home against sparks that flee from the fireplace.

Fireplace screens reduces wind interference by prevent wind which enters from chimney into the room in case you keep fireplace open. It can also be used as decorative accessories for fireplace. fireplace screen are available in variety of colors & styles traditional, antique & modern .

brass frame with black colored mesh style is very popular. Having an eye-catching fireplace screen adds a special touch to any fireplace, giving you added enjoyment on those winter nights by the fire. Now If you don't have a fireplace at your home, planning to build one or to do some remodeling or buy some fireplace accessories . just come to, Au Coin du Feu Ltd offers one of the world's most extensive collections of antique European fireplace surrounds and accessories.

From planning to selection to installation, With more than 3,000 surrounds to choose we have the perfect mantel to fit your needs. Please take a moment to learn what Au Coin du Feu can do for you. We have everything you need , Antique Fireplace Surrounds, Fireplace installations, Fireplace Accessories like Andirons, Firebacks, Firescreens , Fireplace Tools, Fire Brush, Fire Irons, Limestone Fireplace, Hard stone Fireplace, Marble Fireplace etc?. We have an online gallery with photos of fireplace surrounds & other fireplace accessories.

Au Coin du Feu is the expert in high quality Antique Fireplace Surrounds and Fireplace Accessories. Our vision is to be the country's best source for antique fireplace enhancements for the home. Visit for the largest selections of antique mantels and accessories available in the U.S With more than 3,000 surrounds to choose.

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